Online Resources

ALS and Motor Neuron Disease

  • ALS Untangled:  Reviews alternative and off label treatments with the goal of helping people with ALS make more informed decisions about them.
  • ALS Research Forum:  Provides information about ALS research and resources for the ALS community.
  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke:  Provides in-depth information about ALS.
  • ALS Digest : This helpful email list has been set up to serve the worldwide ALS community. It is a mix of information that is not reviewed by a doctor or edited. It includes questions, comments and discussions from ALS patients and caregivers world-wide; press releases and articles about ALS research; and information and discussions about resources for living with ALS. Contact moderator Bob Broedel to subscribe at
  • World Federation of Neurology:  Contains up-to-date international news about ALS and information about worldwide research studies.
  • Project Revoice: A non-profit initiative with the goal of ensuring that no one living with ALS will ever have to suffer being robbed of their voice. This effort aims to help those living with ALS the opportunity to record and recreate their natural voice for future use with augmented/alternative communication (AAC) devices.

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